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  • GXY-1/A/B/C Core drilling rig
  • GXY-1/A/B/C Core drilling rig GXY spindle drilling rig is used in engineering geological exploration,survey and exploration of solid mineral deposit,geophysical shot hole drilling and inspect hole of various soncrete structure ect.
    According to various stratum,it can be drilling with hard alloy bit,auger bit ect.
  • GXY-2 Core drilling rig
  • GXY-2 Core drilling rigGXY-2 drilling rig is used in the core drilling,engineering geological investigation,hydrology,water well ect.It has many no. of spindle speeds,drill power stong,small and flexible.
  • BW-200 Mud pump
  • Mud pump

    Mud pump is mainly used for feedling flushing fluid to well drilling in core drilling process.It is small and light,it is popular in geological prospect,water well is use for drilling depth max.1500m.

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