KMD150 Top Drive Anchoring Drilling Rig
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KMD150 top drive anchoring drilling rig is a light, efficient, and multi-functional electric crawler self-walking drilling equipment and mainly applied to anchoring, rotary jet grouting and drilling of well holes for other purpose in domestic subway, high-rise building, airport, ground source heat pump and other deep foundation pits. It is appropriate to use down-the-hole drilling, cased drilling with slush pump (clean water pump) drilling, and combined drilling of rod and casing pipe.

Technical Parameters of KMD150 Anchoring Drilling Rig

Hole diameter(mm) Φ150~Φ250
Hole depth (m) 130-170
Drill Rod diameter (mm) φ73,φ89,φ102,φ114/φ127,φ133,φ140,φ146
Hole angle(°) 0-90
Output rotary speed of power head (r/min) 10/20/30/35/40/60/65/70/85/130/170
Output torque of power head (N.m) 7500
Stroke of power head (mm) 3400
Stroke of mast (mm) 900
Lifting force of power head (kN) 70
Lifting speed of power head (m/min) 0~5 adjustable,7,23,30
Feeding force of power head (kN) 36
Feeding speed of power head (m/min) 0~10 Adjustable,14,46,59
Input power (electric motor) (kW) 55+18.5
Dimension in Transportation status (L*W*H) (mm) 5400*2100*2000
Weight (kg) 6000
Walking Parameter
Moved by Track ( crawler belt)
Climbing ability (°) 25
Track ground contact pressure (KPa) 37.8
Traveling speed (Km/h) 0.4
Rotation Parameter
Drilling rig rotated by Manual
Rotation structure Rotating bearing
Location by Locating bolt
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