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Industrial refrigeration heat pump applied screw compressor unit for.

Compared with peer products, Kaishan industrial refrigeration heat pump product consumes less electricity by 10%-15%.

Compressor unit consists of compressor, motor, control center, oil separator, oil cooler, and lubrication system and all components are assembled in the factory.

Appropriate refrigerant includes R717, R22, R134a, R404A, R410A, R502, R507, R245fa, R290 and R1270, etc.

Food refrigeration and processing, such as beer production.

Chemical industry: Fluorine chemical industry, chlor-alkali, organosilicone and PVC chemical industry.

Petrochemical industry: Synthetic plastics, synthetic fiber and synthetic rubber.

Phboomaceutical industry.

The unit system can be customized according to user's process (such as refrigerating capacity, process medium, and system form), special configuration (such as corrosion protection, hazardous gas explosion protection, electrical/ instrument) or relevant standard requirements to meet actual requirements of users to the greatest extent.

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