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Zhejiang Kaishan Compressor Co., Ltd. is an air compressor manufacturer and also the screw air compressor manufacturer with the biggest production and sales scale in China. Our main products include: piston type air compressor, screw air compressor, and centrifugal air compressor. Kaishan has been a leader in the diesel portable screw air compressor market in China and also the only domestic enterprise which is able to produce two-stage compression high pressure screw air compressor. With significantly increasing output, it holds a safe lead in domestic mobile screw air compressor market share. Besides, it is also one of domestic professional manufacturers with the most complete product spectrum of screw air compressors, including motor driven screw air compressor, diesel powered screw air compressor, down-hole explosion proof screw air compressor, and two-stage compression screw air compressor within the power range is 7.5kW-630kW.

Kaishan has the first class core technologies and establishes Jersey North America Development Center in Seattle. The expert group led by Dr. Tang Yan and engineers in Kaishan Technology Center developed air compressor units which can compare favorably with top products in the world. The laboratories in China and USA work together at the same time to guarantee the reliability of our products and ensure that all products of Kaitain series meet national energy conservation standard. Each of KAITAIN series products is certified in China to be energy saving and has excellent performance cost ratio as compared with multinational corporation's products of the same grade.

Kaishan grasps critical core manufacturing technology and a batch of excellent process engineers and equipment of the best quality build the complete machine manufacturing system. Core equipment of the latest generation imported from German, England, Japan and USA ensures that key processes, including milling, grinding, precision machinery processing, surface coating treatment and precision detection are completed by the currently most advanced equipment in the world. The company has passed IS09001: 2008 quality system authentication.

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