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Characteristics of LGY series minitype screw air compressor

An environment friendly and highly reliable minitype screw air compressor is launched by making full use of Kaishan’s own strong technological advantages in combination with characteristics of domestic minitype piston air compressors. This series tends to be more humanized and professional and it will provide you with great convenience.

Advanced design concept.

Highly reliable. The warranty period for the main engine is three years and for the entire machine is one year.

Energy saving; The screw assembly of the latest design has the highest efficiency in the industry.

Low noise; It provides quiet working environment.

Environmental protection; With leakage free design, it has low oil consumption.

Easy maintenance It has compact structure, beautiful appearance, long maintenance interval and low cost.

Specification of KAISHAN LGY Mining Screw Air Compressor

Model Working pressure
Outlet Weight
LGY-2.8/8(with tank) 0.8 2.8 15 G1*2  350 1485×815×1005 
LGY-3.6/6(with tank) 0.6 3.6 18.5 G1*2  430 1510×905×1150 
LGY-4.5/6(with tank)  0.6 4.5 22 G1*2  440 1540×905×1150 
LGY-4.8/10(with tank)  1 4.8 30 G1*2  470 1540×905×1150 
LGY-5/7(with tank)  0.7 5 G1*2  470 1540×905×1150 
LGY-5/7G(with tank)  0.7 5 G1*2  540 1815×905×1215 
LGY-7.6/6(with tank)  0.6 7.6 37 G1*2  830 1950×960×1405 
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