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Centrifugal Refrigerating Compressor:

Centrifugal refrigerating compressor adopts new fluoride-free environment friendly refrigeration R134a with no damage to atmospheric ozone layer.

Main engine of the compressor is designed with internationally advanced NREC software and combined with high-efficient heat exchanger to realize high refrigerating efficiency of the unit.

Centrifugal refrigerating compressor adopts highly effective backward inclined impeller which is milled entirely of special aluminum alloy.

Specially designed lubricating oil system combines with control system to provide oil to the bearing during both operation and sudden power failure of the compressor effectively to prevent the bearing from damaging due to oil shortage.

Centrifugal refrigerating compressor adopts enclosed type motor whose rotor and stator are under evaporative cooling of refrigerating fluid injected to prevent the motor from overheat, thus it is helpful to increase service life of the motor and reduce Overall Dimension of the motor.

Advanced motor starting mode (closed star-delta starting, multi-stage pressure control starting, and high voltage direct starting) reduces starting current and enables the motor to run safely.

Centrifugal refrigerating compressor adopts image touch screen and specially designed microcomputer control system of refrigerator to ensure safety operation of the unit, optimize control logic and improve the operation efficiency.

Centrifugal refrigerating compressor adopts double control of inlet guide blade and variable blade diffuser to adjust refrigerating capacity arbitrarily within increased range of 20%~100% under constant cooling water inlet temperature.

High precision bi-directional shaping through tooth height and width enables highly translational drive. The gear box is of double sound insulation structure and the condenser entrance is designed with noise reduction device to lower the unit noise.

The unit of centrifugal refrigerating compressor adopts integral skid-mounted structure whose layout is novel and compact. It occupies small floor space and is easy to install and transport.

Technical Parameters of Centrifugal Refrigerating Compressor

Refrigerating capacity: 500~2000RT.

Inlet and outlet temperature of cold water: 12℃/7℃.

Inlet and outlet temperature of cooling water: 30℃/35℃.

COP: 6.0~6.6.

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