Rock Drills

Kaishan is anmanufacturer of compressors in China and also engaged in specialized production of drilling rigs and supporting rock drills. We provide various wet-type hand held rock drills with low gas consumption and high efficiency. The rock drill is extensively used in drilling and blasting holes for quarrying, mining, roadway construction, and drilling operation, thus it is indispensable in mine, water conservancy, building materials, energy source, traffic, military industry and geological engineering projects. Our rock drill adopts H22 drilling steel with general blast hole diameter of 30-42mm to drill a hole as long as 5m effectively and economically.

  • Hand-held Rock Drill
  • Hand-held Rock Drill Y19A hand-held air-leg dual-purpose rock drill is a new generation of self-designed hand-held air-leg dual-purpose rock drill which is developed after a large number of tests by using computer simulation for dynamic analysis and modern optimal design methods including optimal and reliable design.
  • Air-leg Rock Drill
  • Air-leg Rock Drill YT23(7655) air leg rock drill is a new and efficient rock drilling machine. It is suitable for drilling horizontal, tilting and vertical blast holes in medium-hard rock (f=8~18) with the general diameter of 34~42mm and its effective economic drilling depth can reach 5m.
  • Pneumatic Rock Drill
  • Pneumatic Rock Drill ZQS-20/2.0 pneumatic rock drill is an efficient and multi-purpose hand-held pneumatic rotary drill. The diameter of drill holes is usually 35-42mm.
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