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  • LMF company of Kaishan group joined Hannover messe 2017
  • Publish: 2017/5/10
  •       LMF Company,subsidiary by Kaishan Group, joined Hannover Messe of 2017, LMF, as the oldest company in the industry, presents the new customer application, meet customer demand, provide the newest techology to customers......
  • Kaishan-made, EU-certified
  • Publish: 2017/5/8
  •       Since 2013, Kaishan has quickened its pace in the course of globalization, which means there will be higher standards imposed on low voltage cabinets suited for Kaishan’s exported screw expander generators......
  • Kaishan ORKA took part in Jakarta Geothermal Symposium
  • Publish: 2016/08/18
  •     August 10 saw the Geothermal Symposium organized by the Indonesian government being held in Jakarta, attended by Indonesia Energy and Mineral Resources Minister Archandra Tahar who also visited Kaishan ORKA’s exhibition booth......
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